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Reversing Osteoporosis

Porous, thin or weakened bones can be prevented and reversed. Here are some new, natural and effective bone building strategies: 1) Attempt to eat more absorbable forms of calcium and ... Read Article

Osteoporosis (Bisphosphonate) Drugs

Beware of Bisphosphonate drugs which are prescribed to increase bone density. The initial results of this drug therapy look good, as often the bone density will go up after one ... Read Article

Osteporosis and Osteopenia Process and Prevention

Have you ever wondered how your bones can become brittle or break and why this increases with age?  To better understand how bone is gained and lost, we first need ... Read Article

Osteoporosis: Healer or Disease?

To understand how Osteoporosis is a healing mechanism and not a disease, a brief history of the term “osteoporosis” is necessary. In 1830, French pathologist Jean Lobstein observed there were ... Read Article