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Dexotification and its Health Benefits

Feeling tired, run down, have brain fog, or suffering from Alzheimer’s, depression, or anemia?

These are just a few of the symptoms that can be caused by metal poisoning; a toxic accumulation of metals in the tissues of your body.

My unique system of detoxing can be very effective in helping this negative health condition created by these toxic heavy metals.

The Problem

We accumulate a large amount of heavy metal toxins from a broad range of sources everyday such as tap water to metal food containers in our life.

The five most common heavy metals which poison our bodies are mercury, lead, aluminium, arsenic & cadmium.

The Solution

My system removes these metals from your body and returns it to a natural, healthy state – called homeostasis. It is better than any other heavy metal detox system. Beware of the detox systems which claim they will remove toxins, not all are proven to work.

Here’s what my system has done for people:

“My daughter was diagnosed with autism.
After foot spa sessions her verbal and tactile
issues which interfered with her learning
abilities have improved dramatically.”

- Emma C.

“Following a H1N1 vaccination shot, I suffered
for 9 months with a painful red rash that
covered 90% of my body. In only 6 sessions
the rash was gone and I could put my clothes
on without pain.”

- Danny L.

“For 10 years I have dealt with the pain and
discomfort of neuropathy. Symptoms include
painful feet and discoloration of the lower
leg. Allan suggested the foot-spa and after
only 6 sessions I have seen a signicant
improvement in my legs.”

- Tom C.

Do you feel as if you’ve tried everything else but it’s not working?

Wonder why you feel sluggish, have lack of energy & consistent health problems which won’t go away?

Maybe you haven’t detoxed.

Try it today.

Give me a call at 604-220-7188 or email me at al@alfitness.ca.

I serve clients & customers in the GVRD area.

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Some more interesting reading…

Detox & fat loss:

Dexotification and fat loss go hand-in-hand. Practice a regular detoxification program, especially one for the liver. One of the liver’s many functions are to break down fats. A congested liver full of toxins cannot breakdown fats effectively and extra fat storage is a common result. Extra toxins can be stored in fat cells, and we have seen as much as 8 lbs. of fat and toxin loss as a result of specific detoxifying programs.


Toxic weight loss is the only other weight besides fat that is considered to be a healthy loss.

I have recorded a lot of toxic weight loss alone due to what is known as “compacted” fecal matter in the colon, and our colonic therapist says that up to 10 lbs. of toxic loss is not uncommon! Here are some common detoxification programs:

  • Ionic foot spa detoxification
  • Herbal detox formulas
  • Far infrared saunas
  • Colonic irrigation therapy

Client Result:

Barry came to me after suffering a 6 month long full body infected rash from the toxic effects of an H1N1 vaccination. He was very self conscious and had spent over $3000 on medications from physicians. I explained that it could be a mercury or aluminum problem and that the detoxification foot – spa system that I have at my clinic might help the condition (it has the ability to remove a lot of heavy metals from the body). After only five sessions the rash was 90% gone and Barry, feeling much more confident, was able to begin his health program and lose eight pounds of fat.

Think you could use some detoxification? I currently use a great system. Contact me for more details if you are interested on getting started.

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