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healthy weight program
healthy weight program

Healthy Weight Program

Not only do you get to lose fat, Allan and his team help you go further – gain muscle and bone density with the Healthy Weight Program.

You’re probably used to thinking you need to lose weight. Proper body composition will tell you it’s not about losing weight at all.

And that’s what we’re about – natural, logical solutions for getting your fat, muscle, and bone weight into recommended ranges.

That’s a healthy weight.

Say What?

We’ve heard it all before. We even had a hard time promoting the Healthy Weight Program.

Now, it’s the opposite.

Finally people are getting the concept. Why wouldn’t people not understand after years and years of conditioning and being taught you need to “lose weight” by mass media and weight loss centre commercials.

It’s tough to realize that actually losing fat, gaining muscle, and building bone is a good thing. Makes sense doesn’t it, but trying to get people to understand that is a tough one.

Finally people are pushing aside sales pitches, flashy ads, and realizing that if you want to look good – well, it requires more than just shakes, diets, pills, or weigh-ins.

That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary program based off of logic, science & leading technology to give you the body composition you can actually obtain.

X-Ray vs. BMI

It may seem like we’re from another planet using low-radiation x-ray scans to determine your body composition.

See, we’ve x-rayed so many people on our program we noticed most people just lose muscle and even water weight during conventional weight loss programs.

This means some people are not losing fat weight at all.

If you think about it – how would they be able to know if it wasn’t for any x-ray scan to find out? Did you know you can see your fat, muscle, and bone weight down to 0.1 of a percent through low-radiation body composition scans? It’s true!

Also, these scans check your bone density. This is valuable as we can determine if you are at risk of Osteoporosis.

Wow! You get a lot of value with the Healthy Weight Program…

What to Expect

Allan, or a dedicated Healthy Weight Trainer will be there to make sure your questions, needs & desires are answered.

This program follows a scientific approach for changing your fat, muscle, and bone weight into a healthy composition.

For fat: Lifestyle & dietary procedures are followed; we look at how well your body can metabolize fat and try to enhance this. We have even gone as far as giving blood samples to find out how your hormones are functioning, since this can also impact your ability to burn fat. We even remove toxic weight – years of prescription drugs, poor dietary decisions & more can also impact your ability to metabolize fat!
For muscle: A training program is created if you wish or need to build muscle weight. Having muscle is important (besides looking good) and you will be taught how to safely & properly train at a gym according to your body type & desires.
For bone: All natural methods are utilized. Over the period of years we can lose our body’s natural ability to build bone cells. We target this system and aim to get it back into gear. We do not rely on, nor recommend any drugs at all!

This is the creme-de-la-creme of weight control programs.


Lose fat, gain muscle & have your bone density checked in one program? Wow.

The Starter Program is now on for $399. This is a great way to begin the program.

It includes one initial body composition scan and three follow-up sessions. Good ground-work is laid in the Starter Program to get you started onto your Healthy Weight!

Use the form on the right, or call us at 604-220-7188 to get started.

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Start my Healthy Weight:

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