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Want to train like a pro? Now’s your opportunity. Allan and his trainers know you may not know your stuff. That’s why they’re here to help.

Over 40? Allan and his team specialize in mature fitness training programs here in Vancouver, BC. Most of Allan’s clients are older and have professional, demanding jobs. This is where he helps.

Allan and his team blend a combination of cardiovascular & muscle strength training to help you keep up mentally and physically to your demanding lives:


Like the video says, come into Allan’s westside gym or he (or one of his trainers) can meet you at a gym nearest and best for you.

He can use community gyms too, or if you have your own personal gym and would like to work out of the comforts of your home – no problem!

Allan also has outdoor training programs available. Why? Well, this program was developed because the majority of his clients work in office environments, and at the end of their day want to get outside! So, Allan has created outdoor programs which incorporate cardio and muscle strength training via outdoor circuits using nothing but your own body weight as resistance and a whole lot of interesting obstacles and workouts in the mix.

And best of all, where ever you prefer to train – it’s all the same great price.

10 Sessions Last For Life!

This is what sets Allan’s program apart from others.

Most trainers require constant one-on-one training for you to reap the benefits. Basically, you are ‘renting’ their time. Not with Al and his team. They will assess your individual situation, needs, and desires and teach you a custom fitness training program you can be able to remember and use for life.

Your sessions are over? No problem, they will teach you how you can train on your own. So you’ll know proper training techniques for your body type, lifestyle, and desires once your program is finished. You’re good to go and on your way!

Allan and his team want to see you succeed and hit your goals with or without them assisting you.


Not bad for a program that can last for life…

Individual training sessions are $70.

Initial consultations are free. This is where Allan or one of his trainers will assess your individual lifestyle & environment and create a logical solution based on your needs & desires.

Groups of 10 sessions include a 10% discount where ever you prefer to train.

Let us know briefly why you’d like to start training, so we can assess that in your free consultation using our form on the right, or call Allan at 604-220-7188!

vancouver fitness training program

Free Initial Consultation:

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