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healthy bone program
healthy bone program

Healthy Bone Program

Just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Only until they break, do we realize how important our bones are.

So many people are at risk of Osteoporosis and they don’t even know it. Only advanced x-ray bone density testing can find out. This is exactly what we do in the Healthy Bone Program.

If you have had an accident or realize you may be at risk of Osteoporosis, we can help you restore your bone re-modelling system: this is your body’s natural bone-building process. We can lose it over time, and yes, it can be improved! The program is 100% natural and scientific as we do not use drugs.

I think I’m at Risk

Have you had an injury and you unexpectedly broke a bone or the doctors said you may be at risk of Osteoporosis?

Do you have joint pain? Are you over 40 and feel like you need a general check-up to see if you are at risk? You are not alone.

More and more people are now scanning themselves to check for Osteoporosis. It’s a silent issue – it creeps up and can happen when we least expect it. Pain in joints, then unexpected bone breaking is the first sign, and it’s our job to help you find out before any of the above symptoms can take place.

One simple low radiation scan is all it takes to see if you are at risk. We follow up with solutions on how you can re-build your lost bone density.

Taking Osteo Drugs?

If you want to get off Osteoporosis prescription drugs, we can help.

Our results with clients on Osteoporosis drugs aren’t favourable. We have noticed initial bone re-building is good, but after a general period of six months to a year, bone matter in our subjects become brittler and more porous than before. Test results show strength, yet more tiny porous holes appear in the bone matrix.

If you feel like you need to stop your Osteoporosis prescription drugs and move to an all-natural solution, we can help. We can also see the current state of your bone density and check if your current prescription medication is working.

What to Expect

Allan will have you take a low-radiation x-ray scan which will accurately check the current status of your bone density.

Upon receiving results, a program will be created and steps on completing it will be underway. Allan will assess your current lifestyle, diet, and environmental issues which may be contributing to your bone loss. An all-natural solution will be created and a logical program will be customized for you.

As time goes on, we may periodically follow-up with more scans to see if your bone density is improving.

We put a lot of energy into your program. Your bones are a very special component of your body, and we take your bones very seriously. Especially if you are older and are more at risk of Osteoporosis.


Here at AL Fitness, we believe there is no price on your bones.

Why? Well, we’ve seen so many accidents that could have been avoided through one simple check-up that we now consider your bones as top priority. You could spend weeks in a cast, miss work, and take unnecessary time out for an unnecessary reason.

So, to promote our awareness on the importance of your bone health we are making this program affordable.

$399 is the Starter Program. This includes one initial bone density scan and three sessions with Allan on how to improve your bone weight. More sessions and tests can be added afterwards, but we feel that one test and three sessions is a good way to starting and seeing the current status of your bone density before it’s too late. And, while we’re with you, we start to take steps in the right direction!

Why not see if you are at risk of Osteoporosis? One scan through our Starter Program can find out. Fill out the form on the right, or call us at 604-220-7188 to get started today.

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