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Allan Lawry | Vancouver Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Home of the Healthy Weight Program, Healthy Bone Program, Vancouver Fitness Training and more!

Fitness training is vital part of your life. Are you looking for a fitness training program in vancouver? You've come to the right place. Our local weight management program called the Healthy Weight Program helps you lose fat, gain muscle, and build bone!

Lifestyle coaching can be of amazing benefit to your overall well-being. Allan Lawry is a lifestyle coach located in Vancouver, BC.

The Healthy Weight Program is an incredible leap in weight loss programs as it helps you to lose fat, gain, and build bone weight. Try the Healthy Weight Program and start your healthy weight today!

The Types of Fat

Did you know there are many kinds of fat? So which is the right one to lose? Find out here: White adipose tissue (WAT) is the fat that lies just ... Read Article

Building Muscle with the Pyramid System

Build muscle easily with the Muscle Pyramid System. Here’s the basic technique of muscle pyramiding using a standard bicep curl as an example: Starting with a light weight (8lbs.), perform ... Read Article

Osteoporosis: Healer or Disease?

To understand how Osteoporosis is a healing mechanism and not a disease, a brief history of the term “osteoporosis” is necessary. In 1830, French pathologist Jean Lobstein observed there were ... Read Article
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