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The Types of Fat

Did you know there are many kinds of fat? So which is the right one to lose? Find out here:

  1. White adipose tissue (WAT) is the fat that lies just below the skin, next to, or within the muscles. Also known as storage fat, it is the primary target for fat loss strategies, especially those that include diet, exercise and acid/alkaline balancing.
  2. Visceral fat surrounds and protects the internal organs. This type of fat can often build up due to negative stress and hormonal imbalances. It can be a targeted fat, yet often returns to normal levels when stress and hormonal levels are in healthier ranges.
  3. There are two other types of fat in the body that are not targeted for fat loss. They are brown fat and structural fat. They provide a valuable service for the body and do not need to be lowered.

  4. Brown fat was designed to keep us warm when we were babies and it still provides us with a very metabolically active tissue that helps us to keep warm when we get cold. Most of it lies across our backs and neck and acts like a blanket to cover us and keep us warm. Due to its very specific purpose, it is not targeted for fat loss.
  5. Structural fat is a type of fat located around the joints, and on certain extremities, such as the hands and the bottom of the heels. It performs a valuable role in the cushioning of joints, hands and feet while protecting them from repetitive activities like walking or jogging. This is definitely not a targeted fat. Unfortunately, we have seen “starvation” type diets result in people having sore joints and heels due to structural fat loss.
  6. It is my intent to assist you in maintaining the valuable fat while lowering the excess storage and visceral fat that may currently be in your body. I feel confident in saying that you will be losing the right type of fat by following the suggestions in my Healthy Weight Program.

Let me help you burn off the right kind of fat!

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