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Allan Lawry | Vancouver Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Home of the Healthy Weight Program, Healthy Bone Program, Vancouver Fitness Training and more!

Fitness training is vital part of your life. Are you looking for a fitness training program in vancouver? You've come to the right place. Our local weight management program called the Healthy Weight Program helps you lose fat, gain muscle, and build bone!

Lifestyle coaching can be of amazing benefit to your overall well-being. Allan Lawry is a lifestyle coach located in Vancouver, BC.

The Healthy Weight Program is an incredible leap in weight loss programs as it helps you to lose fat, gain, and build bone weight. Try the Healthy Weight Program and start your healthy weight today!

Dexotification and its Health Benefits

Feeling tired, run down, have brain fog, or suffering from Alzheimer’s, depression, or anemia? These are just a few of the symptoms that can be caused by metal poisoning; a ... Read Article

Reversing Osteoporosis

Porous, thin or weakened bones can be prevented and reversed. Here are some new, natural and effective bone building strategies: 1) Attempt to eat more absorbable forms of calcium and ... Read Article

Beware Weight Loss Centres

Brace yourself: the diet and weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry that really does not want you to succeed at reaching your weight control goals. It provides confusing ... Read Article

Anabolic Cross Training

Absolutely essential for a healthy life, exercise is great for burning off extra blood sugars and helping lower your stored fat. Exercise three to four times per week for optimal ... Read Article

Fat Loss with an Alkaline Diet

Here’s some great fat loss tips involving your diet. Achieve and maintain high alkaline levels. In an ideal world your body prefers to be in a slightly alkaline as most ... Read Article

Osteoporosis (Bisphosphonate) Drugs

Beware of Bisphosphonate drugs which are prescribed to increase bone density. The initial results of this drug therapy look good, as often the bone density will go up after one ... Read Article

Fat Loss Tips #1

Here’s some great fat loss tips. The body will often return to a healthy fat weight percentage once stressful emotional, nutritional and lifestyle situations are alleviated. The overall concept is ... Read Article

Cholesterol the Unknown Healer

If you think ‘bad’ or ‘high’ cholesterol contributes to heart disease, you have been deceived by the marketers of a mythical disease. The so-called ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol is actually ... Read Article

Osteporosis and Osteopenia Process and Prevention

Have you ever wondered how your bones can become brittle or break and why this increases with age?  To better understand how bone is gained and lost, we first need ... Read Article

DEXA Scanning and Determining Your Current Muscle Weight

It is possible! I find out your muscle weight through a couple of my programs – fitness training, and the Healthy Weight Program. I use low-radiation x-ray scanning technology called ... Read Article
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