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Building Muscle with the Pyramid System

Build muscle easily with the Muscle Pyramid System. Here’s the basic technique of muscle pyramiding using a standard bicep curl as an example:

  1. Starting with a light weight (8lbs.), perform 12 repetitions
  2. Wait ten seconds, use a heavier weight, (10lbs.), and perform 7 reps
  3. Finish with a 12 lbs. weight and do 3 reps
  4. Keep track of your workout weights and attempt this routine three or four times per week for three months.

  5. After three months, increase those weights with a small increment. Instead of starting with 8 lbs. move up to 10 lbs. then do your second set with 12 lbs. and finish up with 15 lbs.
  6. Attempt to increase these weights again after another onw to two months and start with 15 lbs., take it to 20 lbs., then you should be able to finish with 25lbs. etc.

This technique can be used for all major muscles in the body and can be repeated at any time for further gains.

Remember, it is important that you be able to do the first 12 repetitions of any exercise confidently with ease.

If you cannot, you are stressing this muscle group. If this is the case, start your muscle building routine with a lower weight until 12 reps feels comfortable.

Client Result:

After a lengthy illness, Tony came to me wanting to gain back his fitness levels and especially his muscle size and strength. Using the pyramid method, he gained 22 lbs. of muscle in 12 months.

Keep in mind that men will develop more muscle weight than females due to naturally higher levels of testosterone, but females can also make some significant gains as well. A muscle weight gain of 6 lbs. is not unusual and can be very helpful for daily activities.

More tips for resistance training:

  • Plan your workout when you have the most amount of energy in your day
  • Perform a warm-up routine to facilitate blood flow and increase nerve stimulation
  • Try different exercises and various apparatus for variety (i.e. Bosu balls, free weights, resistance bands or water workouts)
  • Avoid the hype of synthetic steroids, growth hormones, and testosterone boosters to gain muscle weight. They can have adverse side effects and may harm your health in the long term

Unfortunately, you can also lose muscle at certain times in your life, due to three metabolic problems called muscle atrophy, muscle sacrificing, and sarcopenia. Take care to avoid these three scenarios as they will compromise your ability to maintain or gain more muscle.

If you are looking for a fitness training program, let me know, or press the Fitness Training tab above.

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