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Beware Weight Loss Centres

Brace yourself: the diet and weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry that really does not want you to succeed at reaching your weight control goals. It provides confusing information and protocols that offer you weight loss without telling you what kind of weight you will be losing even if you are successful with their plan.

Was I being a little harsh with that statement? Well, you be the judge. How many people do you know who have had not much success on these programs, or, they have ‘lost weight’ yet when they leave the program, they gain it all back again? You should meet all of my clients and people who have come to me after having that happen to them through “weight loss” programs and centres. It’s staggering.

Here are some of the most popular ‘weight-loss’ methods:

  • Diet & eating plans
  • Meal replacements & ‘weight loss’ teas
  • Unproven hormonal programs
  • Point system nutritional plans
  • Exercise videos
  • Exercise equipment
  • ‘Weight loss’ pills, powders & drugs

All of these concepts are gearing you up for failure because they want your failure. No offence to anyone, and I know that sounds harsh. But if you actually ‘lost weight’ with them, how are they going to stay in business? After all, if everyone could achieve their goals, there would be nothing left to sell, and this is not acceptable to the big businesses who are marketing the industry currently. They have power and influence in the medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, nutritional, and supplement industry. If you feel you have paid enough into their pockets over the past few years, you are not alone, so please keep reading and I will share some information that they do not want you to know about!

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